Pictures of me either look like this, or the un-shown companion picture taken five seconds later, where I’m mid-laugh, transitioning into the kind of facial expression of which memes are made. We all have our burdens to bear. I’m a writer and promotions producer living in Nashville, TN by way of Eastaboga, AL (pop. 4,193) and several other places that make a definitive answer to “where are you from?” vague and non-committal.

I write loads about things that interest me, primarily: film & television; politics; music; the business of creative; writing & books, and general misadventures. See, loads. I’ve previously written book reviews for the Hipster Book Club (now defunct, but still accessible via archive.org or by searching this blog for the tag #litcriticism); micro-reviews on Twitter, and creative shorts on Tumblr.

email // itsessayem @ gmail.com

twitter // @essayem
linkedin // linkedin.com/in/samanthastorey
creative workbook / blog // essayem.wordpress.com


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