CMT / 2015 CMT Music Awards Concept

The CMT Music Awards is always one of our favorite and biggest priorities of the year — country’s loudest night. This year, the concept is the experience of live music in Nashville, generally considered country music’s hometown. Every night is a raucous night of live music, dancing and fun that every visitor is wont to experience themselves. In this series of spots, we spent two days visiting some of our favorite venues all across Nashville to capture that spirit. On the air: May/June 2015.

Writer + Producer: Samantha Storey
Sr. Creative Director: Scott Gerlock
VP, Creative: Peter Mannes
Project Manager: Sarah Walker
Video/Audio Editing: Ultrabland NYC (Neil, Corey Green, Bennett Killmer)
Add’l Video/Audio Editing: CMT (Patti Blevins/Mark Furnell)
DP: Michael Barnett
PC: Running 4 Cover / Brian Glitt + Jim Jagels
GFX: (for CMT) David Bennett, Stevie Boudreaux, John Monaghan, Mark Walczak, Shawna O’Neill