CMT // 2013 CMT MUSIC AWARDS – Host spot (promo) :30

password: samantha

ABOUT THIS SPOT: I served primarily as Producer on this spot, created to promote the 2013 CMT Music Awards (June 2013) utilizing the hosts, actress Kristen Bell and country artist Jason Aldean. The hosts were filmed in separate locations with Aldean’s being the source on green screen and Bell on location in Los Angeles. Though the scripts were similar, we created several iterations of this spot, ultimately selecting a :30 and :45 for air. A longer, behind-the-scenes piece was also created for social media use. We were presented with the raw footage from both shoots – selecting the shots and lines to best showcase our talent, our humor & the partnership that would set the stage for the live show. The media was delivered to graphics for rotoscoping and processed back through production for approvals.

Video Editor: Dan Sutton / Audio Editor: Jim Parker / Writer/Director: Scott Gerlock / Rotoscoping: Eli Hargrove/Warren Beck


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